Our Curriculum

The curriculum of St. Thomas Group of Schools is designed to take care of the Interest of students from all parts of the world. The school operates basically Nigerian curriculum but patterned to suit students from any other Part of the world. It offers a wide variety of academic subjects taught by dedicated and professional team of staff. The student begins with a broad spectrum of subjects, which becomes more focused as he or she progresses.

In the Junior Secondary School (Years 1 to 3), the school emphasizes the basic skills in the following subjects: English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Introductory Technology, Physics Technology, Social Studies, Agricultural Science, Hausa, French, Christian Religious Studies*, Fine Art, Physical and Health Education, Home Economics, Data Processing, Computer Studies and Handwriting Skills

In the first year of the Senior Secondary School, all students do at least eleven subjects in addition to Information Technology until the third term in the second year.

Our library is stocked with carefully selected learning materials, fiction and non-fiction books to encourage continuous and diversified learning, bearing in mind the unique interests of each student. In addition, other educational resources include audio and videotapes, computer charts, local and international newspapers, periodicals, maps, cuttings and pictures.

The library room provides ample space for private study and the library staff are always on hand during school hours to provide help and advice when necessary. The library is also computerized.

Our science laboratory is equipped and readily available for students to participate in science practical and research, thus preparing their great minds for boundless discoveries.

Since majority of our students are from communities around Delta state, we enjoy our yearly cultural day events were students and families are encouraged to display their rich cultural heritage. Our school supports and provides a safe multicultural environment.